What is Cold Corrugation?

Cold corrugation is a revolutionary, cost-saving, energy-efficient solution for producing corrugated board in short runs, at your own premises.

Cold corrugation is a unique innovation in cardboard manufacture

The cold corrugation process is radically different from traditional corrugated cardboard production in that it doesn’t use steam.

The revolutionary technology in the Interpac cold corrugator allows for decentralised, on-demand production that reduces manufacturing costs by up to 30%

Interpac’s cold corrugator puts board manufacturing in the hands of the box maker

Interpac simplifies the corrugated board production cycle and enables box makers to self-manufacture. This makes organisations independent from the major corrugated board producers that dominate the market, and free from the consolidating industry which is providing less and less choice for sheet converters.

Our solution is simple. By bringing corrugated board production in house, short runs can be produced at a box maker’s own bespoke facilities, putting them in full control of the manufacturing process.

Installing an Interpac corrugator allows sheet converters to offer fast, same-day short orders, and to charge a premium for the express service. Self-manufacturing corrugated board also addresses the common problem of having to pay for a ‘minimum order’ of high-cost board, with 50% often going to waste.

The Interpac corrugator revolutionises the industry, placing manufacturing directly in the hands of sheet converters. Make sure you’re moving with the market and keep your company and its processes current with this essential production machine.