Applications for the Interpac corrugator

A revolutionary cost-saving and energy-efficient solution for producing corrugated board that will help you meet all of your customers’ needs.

Cold corrugation = flexible and versatile manufacturing

Cold Corrugation puts manufacturing in the hands of box makers and users of corrugated board.

It enables self-manufacture and offers the flexibility of shorter runs, bespoke production – at a time of your choosing – at a significantly lower cost than buying board in. Our unique manufacturing process and equipment uses considerably less energy and space than traditional corrugators, offering a much lower cost of ownership. Box manufacturers can now afford to manufacture their own cardboard, improving their flexibility and margins and offering a more responsive service to their customers.

Bespoke Cardboard

The Interpac cold corrugation process enables manufacturers to run much shorter batches of corrugated cardboard efficiently. This allows bespoke and specialised cardboards to be produced in small quantities where, with traditional processes, they would need to be produced in much larger batches. This increases the manufacturer’s, or box maker’s, ability to manufacture specialised and bespoke cardboard products for their customers.

Short Run board manufacture

The unique process of cold corrugation cardboard manufacturing has been developed to enable manufacturers to produce considerably shorter runs. Gone are the days of having to produce large quantities of cardboard to meet the needs of an individual customer and holding residual stock that may never be sold.

Our innovative process enables the cost-efficient manufacture of short runs of corrugated cardboard, providing the flexibility for manufacturers to meet the needs of their customers whilst improving their margins and also providing a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Customised Cardboard

Unlike traditionally-manufactured corrugated cardboard, which has an uneven surface, cold corrugation results in a dry, flat surface ready for the immediate printing of marketing messaging, branding and information. The surface of the board produced by Interpac’s cold corrugator is smooth and flat, allowing for digital printing on a high-quality surface ideally suited for the trend towards short-run, custom-printed boxes.

Ovenable Cardboard

With the move towards more environmentally-friendly food packaging, cold corrugation enables food manufacturers to develop and produce their own ovenable cardboard. Cold corrugation bolsters manufacturers environmental credentials and reduces energy consumption by up to 90% when compared to traditional manufacture.

Coloured Cardboard

Manufacturing coloured cardboard has always been an issue with traditional, steam-based corrugated cardboard manufacture, as the steam processes bleach the colour from the paper and the dyes can damage machinery. As our process is free from water and steam it does not damage coloured papers, providing manufacturers with the confidence to offer a full range of coloured cardboard products without worrying about damage to machinery or colour loss.

Digital Printing

Using digital printing to customise corrugated cardboard has always been a challenge due to the uneven surface produced by the hot corrugation manufacturing process. With cold corrugation the surface of the cardboard comes out perfectly flat, allowing digital print to be applied directly to its surface. Manufacturers and box makers can customise packaging with logos, addresses, slogans and custom messages. Interpac board does not need to be dried so it can be printed immediately after it has been manufactured.