Specifications for the Interpac Corrugator


Paper Width:
continuously variable between:
max. 1250 mm
min. 600 mm

Paper Weights:
Fluting : 70 gsm to 90gsm
Top and bottom liners : 90 gsm to 200 gsm

Paper Types:
Fluting: recycled, unsized.
Inside and outside liners: tba

Production Speed:
50 m/min max design speed.
35m/min saleable output.

Max. 20m overall length.
Max 3m overall width (excludes forklift clamp truck access).

Manning levels:
Capable of being run by no more than two operators (without FLT driver).

Infrared security fence
Automatic stop in dangerous situations
Emergency stop button
Mechanical and electrical safety functions

Installation without foundations:
Lightweight and stable design with no need for foundations.


Tension control
Constant web tension control, regulated by (air pressure) brakes, durable brake pads, easy to maintain. Pressure setting can be adjusted in the control panel, automatic function, PLC controlled, central operating panel.

Sliding roll stands (op/drive side)
Two options (one-sided or double-sided loading), loading with a forklift truck.
Safe reel handling and operator control.
Continuous production while the reel is being prepared.
Visual end-of-roll warning, PLC controlled, central operating panel.

Loading crane / forklift truck
NOTE: Forklift truck with (removable) reel clamp to be supplied by the customer.

Splicer x 3
Simple cutting / splicing unit + vacuum.
Strong vacuum bar to keep the paper web in the system.
Fan unit to generate the vacuum and semi-automatic cutting of the paper.

Easy knife exchange unit, special cutting unit, safety cage to prevent accidents.
Adhesive bar for the new paper web, one operator handling, easy to maintain, air pressure driven.


Production speed 35 m/min
Mechanical and electrical components designed for an actual average production speed of 30 m / min.

Max. design speed 50 m/min
Mechanical and electrical components designed for 50 m / min.
The difference to the production speed of 35m/min add margin for possible future speed increase.

Quick change flute cassette system
Cassette change frame/trolley
Safety change system
Pressure control for the corrugating and press roller
Hydraulic or compressed air pressure control.

Vacuum holding system
Vacuum system for the middle corrugating roll. Frequency controlled vacuum fan and pressure display.

B-flute Chrome 50 ym
Coating for increased lifetime and to avoid chemical reactions with the glue/paper/etc.. Rolls can be refurbished through regrinding and new coating.

PLC Control (Siemens TIA)
Latest Siemens TIA CPU with I/O units
Bus system
HMI communication
Remote maintenance optimized
Drive bus connection
Remote maintenance access incl. firewall.


Glue unit
Retractable glue unit
Easy cleaning
Direct driven glue roll and metering roll
Stainless steel glue pan
Bronze metering roll scraper
Adjustable speed ratio of the glue roll

Glue gap control
Adjustable glue gap for precise glue application and saving of glue.
PLC connection
Manual adjustment
Servo motor
Servo converter
Symmetrical adjustment unit
Remote maintenance access to the drive

Glue dam control
Self-adapting glue dams made of bronze
Positioning system with spindles
Manual setting of the dams
PLC connection
No glue on the outer edges of the corrugating roll
Different working widths are possible
Servo motor and converter
Independent adjustable on both sides
Remote maintenance access to the drives.

Glue roll chrome 50 ym
High-performance glue roll, chrome-coated, coating thickness 50ym
Long-life and low-maintenance bearings
Coating for increased lifetime and to avoid chemical reactions with the glue/etc.
Rolls can be refurbished through regrinding and new coating.
Negative surface engraving with freely selectable pattern/size.

Metering roll Chrome 50 ym
High-performance metering roll, chrome-coated, coating thickness 50ym
Long-life and low-maintenance bearings
Coating for increased lifetime and to avoid chemical reactions with the glue/etc..
Rolls can be refurbished through regrinding and new coating.
Surface structure smoothly grinded.

Cleaning system / water nozzles
Water spray nozzles for easy cleaning of the glue unit.

Contact Roll
Pressure system to assure an all-time contact of the single faced web with the glue roll. Automatic system without operator interference for setting.


Automatic bridge volume control
Safety light barriers
Automatic stop before bridge runs empty
Quantity display via traffic light signal
PLC controlled and integrated into single facer PLC and HMI.


Hotplates (electrical)
Heating plates or segments to dry the board, especially the outer liner.

Pressure System / load system
Load system (shoe plates) to assure board contact with the heating elements.


See-saw type
With two knife and slitter systems or a quick order change.

Manual/auto setting
Manual positioning of the tools with indication of position.

Slide system
The tool assembly not in use can be moved outside of the machine to be pre-set for the next order.

Cut against brush from bottom
The knives will cut from top against a brush on the bottom.
This ensures a clean cut due to the support of the brush filaments and less dust on the board.

Two knife sets
Double axis with knives for an on-the-run change in production. See-saw swing type system.
Knife assembly on slide can be pulled out laterally, manually with quick release.

The number of knives and slitter (tools) per shaft will be defined in conjunction with the customer.

Edge trim / Shredder
Side trim knives with extraction unit and possibly shredder for the side trim waste.
Please note: further transport out of the line (vacuum system or conveyor) is not part of the scope.

Grinding system
Grinding system for the knives within the machine.

Lubrication system
Lubrication system with oil or water to clean the knives from glue and dirt.


Single station flying knife system to cut transversal over the working width.
Circular knife which moves in two axis: with the paper and at the same time transversal over the width. Ensures no shock is transmitted to the board

Production data control (shift meter, production speed, cut length) possible
One touch panel in the line