Sheet Converters

Make your own corrugated board

Save up to 25% on costs
when you make your own corrugated cardboard in house

Short run – same day delivery saving both time and money

Lower power, no transport with energy savings of up to 90%

Discover the benefits of cold corrugation for yourself

Traditional manufacturing


Interpac cold corrugator

Produces up to 300m/min
Produces up to 30m of cardboard per minute
Uses up to 305 kWh/tonne of energy
Uses 22 kWh/tonne
100m long
Just 18m long
Requires up to 5 people to operate
Can be operated by one person
Limited to long-run productions
Produces large – or short-runs as needed
“Middle man” transports paper to factories
No need for transport or storage

DIY corrugated cardboard solutions for sheet converters

Why wait for someone else to make your corrugated cardboard?

Interpac’s cold corrugator technology means you can install your own corrugator at a
fraction of the cost of traditional equipment, so you don’t have to wait around for third-party manufacturers.

  • Save up to 25% on costs when you make your own corrugated cardboard in house
  • 130% capital allowance from 1st April for 2 years gives you flexible financial options
  • Get the edge over competitors with in-house corrugated cardboard production
  • React faster to orders by producing corrugated cardboard on demand
  • Produce only what you need, saving both time and money
  • Rush order? Give customers faster, premium-quality service and deliver in hours
  • Explore new markets with a corrugated cardboard that doesn’t cost the earth
  • Printing is simple thanks to a perfect flat surface with no wash boarding – every time

Finally! The revolution in corrugated cardboard you’ve been waiting for

From then…

The method of manufacturing corrugated cardboard hasn’t changed much in 127 years, requiring huge amounts of energy, space and investment yet only suited to long production runs.

…to now

Interpac’s revolutionary cold corrugation process transforms corrugation for the better. There’s no need for steam and a drastic cut in the cost and equipment required to corrugate cardboard, without any compromise on quality.

Interpac’s solution gives sheet converters the power to install their own corrugated cardboard manufacturing plant, so you can take control of your material needs and produce short runs of corrugated cardboard at a moment’s notice.

Sheet plants for box makers

Stop waiting for third parties to deliver your materials and start taking control of your corrugated cardboard manufacture in-house

Significant savings

Reduce materials, delivery and storage costs whilst also cutting down your environmental impact

Compact manufacturing

You’ll be amazed at how little space the cold corrugator needs compared to traditional corrugating methods

A greener

Cold corrugation is a sustainable alternative that’s good for the plant and good for your bottom line, with energy savings of up to 90%

Savings Calculator

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Design speed: 50m/min
Width: 1.25m
Length: 16m
Flute profiles: B and E with fast change cassette
Reel stands: Takes full size 1.4m dia reels for less changes
Slitter/scorer: Up to 6 slitters and 6 scorers on quick change shafts with self sharpening slitters
Knife: Low power flying knife ensures board is not damaged
Stacker: To customer’s specification
Power requirement: 30kw