New EcoFlute® scores perfect marks across the board

Requiring 80% less energy in production than typical products and no water whatsoever, we are thinking outside the box with our super-smooth corrugated board.  

Interpac is proud to announce the introduction of EcoFlute®, our revolutionary corrugated board that brings significant ecological benefits.

Produced exclusively in our innovative cold corrugators, EcoFlute® requires 80% less energy to manufacture than conventional corrugated carboard and no water whatsoever.

But the benefits aren’t just environmental. Rigorously tested in the labs, EcoFlute® has been found to score perfect marks across the board.

Boasting super-smooth surfaces, board made with our corrugators was proven to have zero wash boarding (that’s the ripples found on the surface of most corrugated cardboard), which makes it perfect for printing on.

dried corrugated road surface

Tests also show that EcoFlute® matches the best products for strength and pin adhesion.

Following these findings and the registration of the EcoFlute® trademark, we will be promoting the product and our cold corrugation process to the likes of Amazon to drive demand up the supply chain.

To find out more about EcoFlute® and how the Interpac corrugator can enhance your business, get in touch today.



EcoFlute logo image