A revolutionary cost- and energy-efficient solution for producing corrugated board that will help you meet your customers’ needs.

Reap the benefits of cold corrugation manufacturing

Since its development, the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard has seen very little in the way of technological advances or innovation.

Interpac cold corrugation promises to change the industry, delivering a range of previously unattainable benefits.

At only 14 metres long, the Interpac corrugator is straightforward to install and easy to run, connecting to a standard 60 amp 3-phase power supply.

Adopting cold corrugation will streamline your business, simplify your supply chain and strengthen your manufacturing with a variety of competitive advantages.

Signficant Savings

Taking control of your corrugated cardboard manufacture gives significant cost savings of up to 30% and allows short-order high-margin production with little-to-no waste: you only produce what you need with Interpac.

90% Energy Reduction: The Green Alternative

Companies around the world are striving to reduce their carbon footprint and the Interpac corrugator provides a sustainable alternative to traditional machines, cutting CO2 by 90%. Your customers will benefit from using a ‘green’ low-carbon alternative to traditional corrugated board.

Self-Manufacture for Box Makers

Making corrugated board in-house whenever you need it and in the true quantities you require means less cost and less waste. On-demand production with the ability to start and stop with total flexibility allows for short production runs at your own premises. Take control and house your own production line.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

With cold corrugation, you can install your own manufacturing plant at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional techniques. A typical installation of a conventional corrugator will cost between £5 to £10 million; by contrast, the Interpac corrugator costs from £850k and starts at just 14m long.

No Drying Needed

The Interpac technique in steam-free cardboard manufacture eliminates the need for water removal during the manufacturing process; this simplifies production and delivers energy, space and cost savings.

Stronger Cardboard

Initial tests show that the revolutionary Interpac corrugator produces a stronger cardboard, weight-for-weight, with a 10% better ‘crush test’.

Reduced Storage Need

Sheet converters who purchase from corrugated board producers typically store large quantities of board, which is 80% air. By comparison, storing paper reels for the purpose of self-manufacture reduces warehouse space by over 60%.

Since steam is not used in the manufacturing process, the surface of the board is smooth and flat. The industry is moving towards short-run custom-printed boxes, and the Interpac corrugator allows for digital printing on a high-quality surface, which can be charged at a premium.